Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, a lot of things have happened! Charlotte spent a whole weekend at the hospital for an UTI. her blood levels were very high and the doctors were scared that something else caused the infection. She had high fever, diarrhea, vomit, refused to eat (which she never does), and slept a lot (which she doesn't like). I knew there was something going on with my baby the first time I went to the doctor, she didn't have diarrhea nor vomit but I knew something was wrong. I went again two days later and demanded more exams and finally the UTI results were shown. I am so glad that I am stubborn, when it comes to my kids I am weak and strong at the same time. Alexis was wonderful, he stayed at my cousin's house the first night and at a friends'  house the second night. He did great like always, he missed me though and "Chancha" which I am happy because he usually doesn't care but when he saw us, he ran to us and hugged us and kissed us. The nurses loved every time he would come and visit because he is really mellow and social at the same time. Also, he is goofy and very sweet. Charlotte on the other hand... she is beautiful but a hot temper. The nurses would come in the room and say: "prepare for the show" and Charlotte will scream at the sight of them! smart girl new when they would come in the room because she would lean to see underneath the curtains through the door and make sure there were no pairs of shoes walking in! once there were she would jump in my arms immediately. As I said, the nurses loved her because she is a beautiful little girl and has the cutest smile ever... they will stay a long time in our room just to try to make her smile! They were really good and I am grateful for their care.

Also, I keep forgetting to post: I have lost weight, I am at 138 lbs. I am content with my weight but I want to lose at least ten more lbs. I was inspired by my sister in law and she helped a lot! I am so grateful to feel good about myself and have more energy every day. Now I can look at myself in the mirror and think: "there is a beautiful lady there". I don't post as much anymore in here b/c I have facebook so is easier to post pics and statements in there. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

My new path

Since I was about 6 or 7, I have always wanted to study criminal law to become a criminal lawyer. I constantly had a feeling that I had to study psychology so I decided to make it into criminology but also I wanted to continue on my decided career. As I was watching a movie called "Dear John" and going to the special features and learning that the kid in the movie had autism, I had this strong feeling again. I always had it whenever I looked at my cousin, with down syndrome, and my brother, with cerebral palsy. I knew that it had something to do with them. I love special kids, every time I will visit my brother's school I couldn't help to smile at their innocence and the way they see life. They will always be innocent children and they have been sent to this earth to be protected from Satan. I know this because, again, my brother Alexis Francisco. That already makes me want to be around those special kids and makes me want to raise my kids in a way that they will understand this purpose and love and respect these children of the Lord. Well, as I asked the Lord "Do you want me to study psychology?" I felt this huge fire in my heart, so strong was the answer that I almost tear because of that great feeling. I asked "do you want me to help these special kids?" and again that answer and as I am writing it right now, I can feel my heart beating happily and having my chest full with the love from the Lord and his encouragement. Why didn't I see it before? I have always loved psychology, I have always read psychology books just because I wanted to, why wouldn't I think about it? specially when there are two members of my family that are special? Sometimes we are a little stubborn. I am happy that I am 100% sure of what I want to study, what I want to do in my life. I am still going to study criminal law but it is because I love learning new things, I love studying. I will do so after I get a career in psychology though, and as a home school mom, I think it will be great for my kids to see me working and helping these special kids. I can't wait, I will make it work, I will help them and I will help parents too. I want to be good on this, because they are precious children to the Lord that much that he sent them with a shield. I have a strong testimony of that by watching my brother grow, by reading his patriarchal blessing. I know I am the one that is going to help my brother to fulfill his mission here on Earth. I will work hard and learn fast so I can fulfill my mission on Earth too. I was told that psychology was a bad career, like evil. I prayed and researched about it and I am so happy that the Lord stands by his revelation to me, I know is a great career and that big leaders in the church are psychologist and often speak about it in their talks. I know is thanks to this study that many people can be helped, not only special kids. I am in love with my future career and I can't wait for Cameron to finish his studies so I can start mine.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The new world is a blessing.

I have come to appreciate technology a lot more these days. I know why the Lord gave us heat and air conditioning. Why he gave us Video games, TV, Internet, Cellphones, IPods, and so on. We have to understand though, where we come from: there were no video games in pioneers time, no technology as today obviously but they went through a lot of suffering, they were directly attacked by Satan in horrible ways. Now, we are attacked more than before because of so much technology plus direct attacks. That is why is called "Latter days" and "the hard times/days" but blocking our life from technology is not going to help at all. If anything it would damage us because we were sent in these days so we could build a better future, we were sent prepared to live in this world, then... why would we want to live like the "old days"? The Lord sent us today not yesterday, that is why we can't live in the past, we have to move one and make the best of it with what has been given to us. By that, I mean technology. I am so grateful my parents let me played on weekends since I was very young, 6 or 7, until 3 or 4 in the morning. I had no good childhood after that due to my being in a gifted school but I was because I was too stimulated by so many things, so many changes in the world. I enjoyed it! and it made me smarter, through High School my GPA never went lower than 4.37! I loved reading books and I was not forced to read ever! I loved playing and all my toys were the most advanced that there were and I still had great imagination. I enjoy technology so much that I have a facebook, myspace, hi5, sonico, and who knows how many more profiles out there. Thanks to this I can talk to my family and friends even though I am far away. Thanks to TV I can have a date night with my hubby and play video games and watch movies without having to pay a nanny to take care of our kids. I love that Alexis has so many advanced toys because I know that he is preparing for the future, we are sent to this Earth on these days because we can handle it but not to run away from it, we have to fight back! Alexis was 10 months old when he grabbed my mom's cellphone and took a picture, it wasn't just a coincidence because I saw him looking at it and grabbed it and pressed the bottom pointed at my mom (but forgot to take his finger away from the lense) and snapped a picture! I know that kids come prepared already, then why limit them by trying to take away their knowledge and making them leave the past? I am completely against it. After praying, analyzing, and meditating about these things I have come to the conclusion that all things in moderation is good unless the Lord, or obviously prophets b/c it comes from the Lord, have commanded not to do something. The church says that too much is wrong but when used correctly it can help to spread the gospel and set a good example. The question is: Can we play video games without spreading the word? YES, the Lord want us to enjoy this life and I am glad that video games exist because once my kids are older and playing with their friends some video games... they will be at home and not at someone else house. Also, they are getting a cellphone when they turn 16 or maybe younger because there is GPS. It is kind of like, giving some freedom to control! They will be able to have cell phones and I will be able to know where they are and to call them! Don't you love technology? I do and I am grateful, I am grateful the Lord created ways for us parents to spend time with our own kids and to be able to have them close. I am not saying that I will let my kids play every day all day, they will play but for limited time, moderation at all times, and they will read, they will watch some TV with me close by! With kids, you have to be smart, too much restriction and one day, when they are older, they will do anything they didn't do when young. If your kids do something that you don't like behind your back, then you need to change the rules and compromise! I know that I don't have teenagers yet but I was one once, I have kids whom I love, and I have seen kids who do things behind their parent's backs just because the parents were not willing to compromise. I want to be friends with my kids and also, I have a passion for psychology and I read lots of books about it so my knowledge and the guidance from the Lord will help through. I am not perfect but I want to say one day that I really did the all I could for my kids. I am grateful for my parents and for these days, thanks to that we can have air conditioning when is too hot outside, making us able to listen to the spirit and have with us in our home instead of worrying about heat on top of trying to fight against the world! we have heat in winter which helps us to not worry about physical discomfort but focus on more important things. My motto since I was 7: "Learn the past so that you can understand the present and start to build the future". I love the world and all things created by the Lord for me to enjoy, I show my appreciation by enjoying it! so simple but yet so complicated... I know the new world, the Latter days, are a blessing if we know how to live in it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation in VA!

I know, is a little blurry but I did not notice that Alexis was playing with it earlier right after he was eating something greasy! It was fun in Washington DC. I can't believe how beautiful VA is, I would like to move there in the near future. The kids did great but you can see Alexis did not like the sun too much and Charlotte kept laughing at him the entire picture session.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A lot has happened!

Well, I haven't been good at all at posting in here since there is facebook and since I started my new blog (mytwoyearoldtoddler.blogspot.com). Let's start with the first kid of our family of four: Alexis, he turned two and he had a birthday party with the theme of "Cars"; we invited my family and some friends from church that have kids. He had a blast! specially because he got more cars as a gift from us and also he got some from the grandparents! among other cool stuff from friends. He is 3 ft tall and weights aprox. 40 lbs, maybe less now that he is losing some weight. He has gotten used to his sister and we have seen the love between sibling already, he makes sure that she is ok, when she cries he worries and tries to calm her down or tell me to go get her when she is in her crib. He helps me a lot with the little things and I don't even have to ask him (see my new blog), he is a wonderful little boy. Now Charlotte, she has grown quite a bit, she was blessed on April 11th and last time we went to the doctor she was 21.25" and 9.14 lbs. She is still a lot smaller than what Alexis was at this age and she is in the scale 50%/50% I can't believe that she is in the scale!!! Alexis was off the chart in both weight and length since a month old! She is cooing a lot and crying a lot, she likes to eat all the time!!! But she is so adorable, she smiles a lot too so that makes up for all the crying. Now, my hubby and I; we are doing great and finally adapting to the routine of having two kids, now finally feel prepared to say that we want more (there were some days in which I told Cameron that I didn't want to have more, it was out of anger) and it is a relieve to say that we feel that we can do this. I recover a lot faster from this birth than with Alexis, I also walked a lot the day after she was born so I could get better faster! Cameron has been the same since he didn't deliver a child but with a lot of work on his hands, the poor man, but I am grateful whenever I receive help from him. As some people already know, we are moving to Utah by the end of July, so we are very excited and I am very sad at the same time because I will not have my parents nearby and we will be even further from my in-laws.
By the way, my mother in law came to town this past weekend, it was nice to have her with us and to finally have her meet the kids, I wanted her to just enjoy the kids and no worry about helping me but she helped a lot anyway, and enjoy the kids at the same time... I guess she is an expert at doing that since she had 7 kids total!
This week, I feel like my bond with both Alexis and Charlotte is a lot stronger than ever, I love both my kids and I feel like I can't ever let go of them but I know one day I will and that breaks my heart already but that is life, what I can do now is just enjoy them and grow with them!
Well, this was a very short story of what has happened lately but as I said, it is harder now with two kids, two blogs, facebook, the YW, and getting ready to move! not easy but I will try to be better, if not, just check out facebook! it is easier to do on daily basis. Good night!

This is the dress she wore the day of her blessing :)

This other dress she wore the weekend that my mother in law came to town! isn't she a cutie? I love her! :)

And... Alexis trying to put his shirt on and being goofy like usual! he started walking in that position that he was in this picture for few minutes, I guess because we were laughing so hard just by looking at him, he is the silly goose in the family!