Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, a lot of things have happened! Charlotte spent a whole weekend at the hospital for an UTI. her blood levels were very high and the doctors were scared that something else caused the infection. She had high fever, diarrhea, vomit, refused to eat (which she never does), and slept a lot (which she doesn't like). I knew there was something going on with my baby the first time I went to the doctor, she didn't have diarrhea nor vomit but I knew something was wrong. I went again two days later and demanded more exams and finally the UTI results were shown. I am so glad that I am stubborn, when it comes to my kids I am weak and strong at the same time. Alexis was wonderful, he stayed at my cousin's house the first night and at a friends'  house the second night. He did great like always, he missed me though and "Chancha" which I am happy because he usually doesn't care but when he saw us, he ran to us and hugged us and kissed us. The nurses loved every time he would come and visit because he is really mellow and social at the same time. Also, he is goofy and very sweet. Charlotte on the other hand... she is beautiful but a hot temper. The nurses would come in the room and say: "prepare for the show" and Charlotte will scream at the sight of them! smart girl new when they would come in the room because she would lean to see underneath the curtains through the door and make sure there were no pairs of shoes walking in! once there were she would jump in my arms immediately. As I said, the nurses loved her because she is a beautiful little girl and has the cutest smile ever... they will stay a long time in our room just to try to make her smile! They were really good and I am grateful for their care.

Also, I keep forgetting to post: I have lost weight, I am at 138 lbs. I am content with my weight but I want to lose at least ten more lbs. I was inspired by my sister in law and she helped a lot! I am so grateful to feel good about myself and have more energy every day. Now I can look at myself in the mirror and think: "there is a beautiful lady there". I don't post as much anymore in here b/c I have facebook so is easier to post pics and statements in there. 

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